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Perkie's Observations: What Happens In Detention Stays In Detention on General Hospital

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William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla, Ashton Arbab, Eden McCoy

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla, Ashton Arbab, Eden McCoy

Neil says all the evidence points to Kendra. He tells Alexis that Kendra was behind the pub. Alexis says Kendra has no motive to hurt her.

Valentin continues to push Hayden to tell him about the codicil. Nikolas meets with Hayden and tells her he overheard her conversation with Valentin. Hayden says she has no choice and Valentin won't back off. Nikolas promises to help her.

Nikolas says he'll help her leave town so Valentin will never find her. Hayden says her future is in Port Charles. Nikolas says once he finds the codicil, Valentin won't be dangerous anymore. Hayden refuses.

Jax tells Laura they need information about the portrait from Ava. Martin Gray arrives and tells them he represents a client who wants to sell the portrait to them. Martin shows them a photo of the portrait. Laura wants to know who the client is, but Martin's not talking.

Jax and Laura discuss the painting and the codicil. Martin returns under the pretext he left his tablet behind. (Hhhm, was there a listening device in there?)

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Trina and Cameron keep pushing until Joss feels she needs to tell them the truth about Dev. Joss says they need to be together and not spill the secret. Cameron and Trina agree to keep quiet. 

Charlotte wants to go back to school and reassures Valentin that she knows she'll be safe. Charlotte remembers Nikolas telling her that he's her bodyguard. 

Lulu invites Dustin to Thanksgiving dinner. In turn, Dustin asks her to join him at the parade. Lulu picks up Charlotte and the two discuss Lulu's friendship with Dustin. Charlotte's looking at photos on Lulu's phone and comes across one of Nikolas. 

Kendra stops in to see Alexis. Alexis tells her about the rat poison and how the police were notified. Kendra gives Alexis a supplement and claims it will help with her stress. Alexis gives the supplement to Neil to be analyzed. 

Martin takes the tablet to Valentin and plays the recording of Jax talking about the codicil in the painting. (I'm so smart!)

Someone grabs Hayden.