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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Inches Closer To the Truth on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Valentin wonders what's in the codicil. Martin says it will take his entire fortune away. Valentin realizes this means that Spencer would inherit it, which explains Laura's interest, but not Jax's.

Valentin asks if Martin is willing to step outside the legal world and keep an eye on Spencer. Martin asks how far Valentin is willing to go. Valentin says he won't hurt Spencer, but needs leverage against Laura.

Nikolas saves Willow from the goon attacking her. Nikolas lays it on thick that Valentin wants to hurt her and Hayden needs to leave town. Hayden says she can't leave Violet. Nikolas says Violet is at risk and she's fine with Finn and Anna. He explains he had to stay away from Spencer to keep him safe and Hayden needs to do the same. Later, Nikolas pays the goon since he was the one who had Hayden attacked, not Valentin.

Neil takes the supplement to the lab for testing. Alexis still can't believe Kendra would want to hurt her. Later, Neil gets the results that the pill was harmless.

Chase and Willow meet Violet. Anna and Willow chat. Anna says she wishes Hayden hadn't kept the child a secret from Finn. Willow reacts to that. Chase thinks Willow is reacting because the situation reminds her of Wiley.

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Michael invites Sasha for Thanksgiving. He says she is an honorary member of both the Corinthos and Quartermaine families. Liesl stops by to say she's grateful the Sasha lie is over. Michael tells her that it's not over because Curtis is still investigating. Michael says the DNA was retested and still shows a match between Sasha and Nina. Michael says Curtis will figure out that Liesl was involved, which does not sit well with her. After Liesl leaves, Michael wonders where Valentin got the sample.

Chase and Willow join Sasha. When they're alone in the washroom, Willow admits to Sasha that she might be pregnant, but isn't sure how she feels about it. Sasha tells her to discuss it with Chase. Meanwhile, Chase and Michael talk about fatherhood, as single men always do.

Brad is upset to hear that Lucas volunteered to work on Thanksgiving day. He wants them to spend time together as a family. Lucas wants to know what secret Brad is still keeping, but Brad's not forthcoming.

Brook Lynn runs into Lucas and the two share a hug. Lucas talks to her about Brad and his dishonesty. Brook Lynn tells him that he needs to be with his family on Thanksgiving.

Liesl runs into Brad, who's still angry with her for hinting to Lucas that he had a bigger secret. Liesl is annoyed when Brad starts crying about losing Lucas. She tells him to man up and keep lying.

Hayden stops by Anna's on the pretext of dropping off things for Violet's sleepover with Finn. Hayden says a tearful goodbye to Violet, leaves a note for Finn and leaves.