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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Gets Clocked By Kendra on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Sonny brings Mike home for Thanksgiving, but his father is living in the past. Michael stops by Brad's to pick up Wiley for the Corinthi Thanksgiving. Mike gets a little aggressive with Donna. Mike and Sonny also get a little rough. Sonny wants Carly to return Mike to the nursing home.

Neil is certain that Kendra was the one who poisoned Alexis, but she's still not certain. Kendra shows up and tells Alexis she'll order more of the supplement for her. Alexis says she can order it herself, which angers Kendra. 

Andre meets with Franco to discuss the procedure, which will take place tomorrow. 

Finn gets concerned when he can't reach Hayden. Maxie and Peter arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. They let Anna know they're moving in together. Finn finds the letter that Hayden left behind. The letter explains that Hayden is in trouble and is leaving to keep Violet out of trouble. Anna is shocked when she reads the letter. 

Andre arrives at Anna's and chats with Maxie and Peter. Peter is surprised to hear that Andre is doing the reversal tomorrow.

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Lucas has a change of heart about working on Thanksgiving. He tells Liz that he volunteered in order to put space between him and Brad. Lucas mentions his conversation with Brook Lynn, which is why he changed his mind.

Liz says she's working because the boys are with Laura and she doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving without Franco. Liz gets Terry to agree to work Lucas' shift, so he heads home.

Franco tells Liz he's heading to the Quartermaine's for Thanksgiving and he's scheduled for the procedure tomorrow. 

Lucas goes home to Brad and says he wants the truth.

When Neil gets back to the room, Alexis is gone. Julian happens by and Neil mentions he believes Kendra is responsible for Alexis' poisoning. Neil shows Julian the empty container and says it was cleared of poison. Julian says he saw Kendra near his dumpster with a container just before the dead rats showed up. 

Alexis follows Kendra to a gravesite and listens while she talks to her brother. When Kendra leaves, Alexis checks out the grave and is shocked to see that it's Kiefer. Kendra knocks Alexis in the head with a rock.