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Ambitions Preview: Queen Stephanie's Vengeance, Queen Mother Irene's Deception and RICK. HEARST.

Robin Givens, Rick Hearst, Ambitions

Robin Givens, Rick Hearst

The world of Ambitions is about to get rocked by the arrival of RICK TO THE DAMN HEARST! He will join the cast this week in the role of lawyer Jerry Lannigan, who will be working with QUEEN Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens) as she continues to make former friend and sorority sister Amara (Essence Atkins), the target of her vitriol. It appears that Lannigan will be getting Damian (Alexander Mulzac) released from jail and celebrating over a cocktail with the QUEEN. 

Side Note: I'm already excited by the delicious, chemistry laden, evil that Givens and Hearst will cook up. 

Meanwhile, QUEEN Stephanie is having MESSY Bella's (Erica Page) son Joaquin's DNA tested against Evan's (Brian White). Wait, what? Is it possible that MESSY Bella lied to Evan and bilked him out of money? No, surely not. 

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And did I just hear Darcia (Mara Hall) say she was coming for Rondell's (Brely Evans) ass? What??

All kinds of things are flashing up on our screens during this preview. Evan and Dominatrix Daphne (Brianne Cordaro) are face to face and ain't nobody got leather on. Meanwhile, Amara is letting Evan know that his house of cards are about to come tumbling down. 

Side Note: Is it just me or is the chemistry between Evan and Amara HOT? 

Saving the best for last, I see QUEEN Mother Irene (Donna Biscoe) looking shady, hanging out in dark corners and no doubt making sure her plans are not foiled by vapid little nothings like Perla. 

What did I miss in the preview? What are you excited about watching? Check out the tweet below from our own Jamey Giddens, watch the extended preview clip and sound off in the comments!