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Last Blast Reunion Episode #1: Messy Meems, Ghoul Girl, and JAY. KENNETH. JOHNSON.

Jay Kenneth Johnson

Jay Kenneth Johnson

The third series released on the DOOL App debuted with episode #1 of Last Blast Reunion. Let's get into it! 

We begin our Last Blast Reunion with a TON of outdoor shots of New York City. It's soooo pretty. Sometimes we can have nice things. 

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Belle (Martha Madison) are Christmas shopping and are stopping at .com, the name of the place they use to go in Salem when they were teenagers. Hmmmm, what a coinkydink. They are reminiscing and enjoying a latte while talking about Parker and CRAIG (Kevin Spirtas) and NANCY (Patrika Darbo) - oh, how I've missed Chloe's messy, scheming, parents - when all of a sudden someone approaches with a familiar voice. It's Kevin Lambert (Chadwick Hopson)! 

The last time they saw each other was at their five year reunion in 2007. Kevin wants to get the whole "Last Blast" crew together to reminisce. Belle gets busy sending out invitations. Chloe is good with everyone except Mimi (Teressa Liane). She'd like to take a pass on inviting that heifer.

One Week Later . . .

Nancy, Chloe, and Craig are hanging out in the kitchen talking about how "Last Blasters" Jason and Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) (they weren't the only ones) tortured her. 

Side Note: Some of you all will recall that Chloe was referred to as "ghoul girl." 

Wait, what? Jan Spears is in a coma?!?!?! 

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Side Note: I mean, how can anyone be surprised that Jan is in a coma. Not only did she torture Chloe, but she also kept Shawn Douglas (Jason Cook, Brandon Beemer) tied up in his boxer shorts for a summer, then helped Nicole (Arianne Zucker) try to electrocute Victor (John Aniston)!

At .com, Belle, Chloe, and Kevin await the arrival of the rest of the crew. Here comes Susan (Lindsay Hollister), who clearly thinks Kevin is the cat's meow. They share not so great memories of Jan Spears trying to dump chicken's blood on Chloe's head and circulating her nekkid pictures.

Chadwick Hobson, Lindsay Hollister

Chadwick Hobson, Lindsay Hollister

Ooooh, apparently Mimi put Jan in a coma. On cue, here comes NuMeems who is vamping it up from the jump. Chloe and Meems exchange pleasantries after they are forced. Kevin is taking Susan and Meems on a tour leaving Chloe and Belle to chat. Wait, someone else is here . . . 

Teressa Liane, Lindsay Hollister, Chadwick Hopson

Teressa Liane, Lindsay Hollister, Chadwick Hopson

Martha Madison, Nadia Bjorlin

Martha Madison, Nadia Bjorlin

Slow motion is happening . . . 

I'm getting some hair-raising, tingles . . . 

In walks, the OG Philip to say a flirtatious hello to a grinning Belle and a shocked Chloe. Hello, Jay Kenneth Johnson!

That's it! We have completed the first episode of the Last Blast Reunion. If you haven't watched it, you should head over to the DOOL app to take a look. We want to know what you think! Sound off in the comments!