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Ambitions' Essence Atkins Discusses Her Character, Exciting Changes in Hollywood

Essence Atkins

Essence Atkins is well-known for playing a plethora of comedic characters, but she's currently flexing her dramatic chops as Amara Hughes on Ambitions. Atkins told BET all about how Amara compares to her previous roles and how working as a woman of color has changed in Hollywood.

The three-time NAACP Image Award nominee noted:

There’s been this kind of through line about the kinds of characters that have found me, and they've been people that were admirable, upstanding characters -- and they might have been a little selfish or had their moments of idiosyncratic things, but overall, they were what we would consider upstanding young women.

And so Amara on the surface, she's very akin to those feelings. She's well accomplished. She's well educated. But what you see is, beneath all of that she is in real turmoil right in her personal life.

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Atkins is also thrilled to see more projects for Black women in Hollywood, saying:

It’s happening more and more [as] things are being created for us to be at the forefront. [There are] also just more distribution avenues, so even if we don't have, necessarily, like a mainstream outlet, we can still get our product to the masses and it can still blow up. I love Issa’s [Rae] story. She did 'Awkward Black Girl' and just did her own thing until she was undeniable.

Get a sneak peek of episode 15 of Ambitions below!