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Perkie's Observations: Brad Spills the Hottest Tea All Over Lucas on General Hospital

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Lucas Jones, General Hospital

Ryan Carnes

Kendra injects Alexis with a paralytic drug, then explains why she's doing it. Kendra goes on about her beloved Kiefer and how her family was in the pits because of her. Kendra says Shiloh was the one who reached out and told her that Alexis ran over Kiefer on purpose.

Brad and Lucas keep arguing. Lucas tries to force Brad to tell him the truth.

Liz thanks Franco and says his sacrifice means everything to her. Later, she tells Epiphany she doesn't know how to repay the debt. Pif says Franco is sacrificing himself for Liz and her family.

Monica is not happy with Brook Lynn's behavior. Olivia says she's trying to keep the peace. Lulu and Brook Lynn argue about Dante. When Rocco mentions going to the parade with Dustin, Brook Lynn accuses Lulu of hooking up before the ink on her divorce was dry. Lulu counters that Dante abandoned her, which upsets Olivia. Lulu apologizes to her. Brook Lynn accuses Lulu of playing the victim and Lulu counters that Brook Lynn is a tramp. Monica warns Ned that Brook Lynn has an agenda and he needs to find out what it is before things get out of hand. 

Monica gives all of the food away to the hospital. When Olivia finds it missing, she blames Brook Lynn.

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Franco arrives in time for the Quartermaine tradition of pizza on Thanksgiving.

At the Corinthos', Sonny is sad that Mike had to go back to the nursing home. The others try to cheer him up. Dev, Joss, Michael and Sasha play poker. Carly calls Lucas and Brad to come over and join them.

Julian and Neil worry when they can't find Alexis. Neil calls the police, who can't do anything until she's been missing for a longer period of time. Julian wants to know why Kendra would target Alexis, so the two do some online research. They find out Kendra grew up in Port Charles and that her last name was Bauer.

Andre explains the memory procedure to Maxie. They will strip away Drew's memories so Franco's can resurface. He also mentions how it could also enhance Drew's memories, which does not sit well with Peter.

Robert arrives for the Devane's Thanksgiving and is still upset that Finn didn't tell Anna about Violet. Robin calls and gets her parents to make peace with each other.

Lucas and Brad argue on the way to Carly's. Brad finally spills the beans that Wiley isn't the original baby, but is Nelle's son. 

Kendra lies Alexis down in the road and runs her over. At that moment, Lucas' brakes fail and the two crash.