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WATCH: Dakota Johnson's Chat with Ellen DeGeneres Gets Awkward

Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres

Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres

Last week on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowDakota Johnson decided not to play along with Ellen DeGeneres' schtick. 

The clip went viral after DeGeneres asked the Fifty Shades of Grey star why she wasn't invited to Johnson's thirtieth birthday party. Johnson, the daughter of Melanie Griffith and granddaughter of former The Bold and the Beautiful guest star Tippi Hedren, fired back,

Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen[...]I did invite you and you didn’t come.

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The two went back and forth over logistics, leading to Johnson quipping awkwardly,“Gosh, this isn’t going well." Meanwhile, fans online figured out that, the weekend of Johnson's party, DeGeneres was actually attending the infamous football game with ex-President George W. Bush

Watch the cringe-worthy moment between Johnson and DeGeneres below.