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Perkie's Observations: Julian Realizes Lucas Is In Danger on General Hospital

Josh Swickard, William deVry

Josh Swickard, William deVry

Brucas' car T-bones Kendra's car, essentially saving Alexis' life. Alexis recovers from the drug and checks on Kendra, who briefly wakes up. Kendra curses Alexis, then dies.

Julian and Neil try to figure out where Alexis went. Kristina arrives. Neil explains what happened with Kendra and how Alexis is missing. Kristina has an app on her phone that allows her to track her mother's phone. Neil and Julian head out to the scene.

Jax stops by to see Joss, but she's out with friends. Sonny gets into it with Jax about his house guest. Carly explains that she told Sonny he was dating someone which is why he doesn't want Joss staying with him. Sonny says they need to be on the same page when it comes to Joss.

Kristina calls Sonny to meet her at the hospital. She explains about Kendra and blames herself because she lied in the pledge. Sonny agrees the lie was wrong, but everything else is on Kendra. 

Jordan and Curtis celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Willow and Chase make small talk about Violet and kids. Chase makes a comment about how it's better to be an uncle with no responsibilities. After Chase gets called away, Willow calls Sasha to come talk to her.

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Willow tells Sasha that she'll be disappointed if she's not pregnant because wants to be. Sasha says she has a support system with Chase, Michael, and Sasha herself. Sasha says Chase would make a great father and hands Willow a pregnancy test.

Neil and Julian get to the accident site. Alexis explains what happened. Chase and the paramedics also arrive on the scene. Neil takes Alexis to the hospital to get checked out.

Julian checks the other car and realizes that Lucas was driving, and is hurt. 

Carly warns Jax he doesn't want to be on Sonny's bad side. She worries that Sonny will have Jax deported again, which will be bad for Joss. She tells Jax to wrap things up with Nikolas. 

Neil gets Alexis to the hospital to have some tests run. Kristina is there and wants to know the reason for Kendra's attack. Alexis admits that Shiloh told Kendra, but reassures Kristina that it wasn't her fault. Alexis asks who was in the other car. 

Curtis runs into Sonny and mentions that it's his anniversary. He asks how Sonny and Carly make it work. Sonny admits that it's always a work in progress, but it's important to communicate and not keep secrets. 

Julian gets to the hospital and finds out Lucas was taken into surgery. Chase tells him that Lucas hitting Kendra saved Alexis' life.

Jordan's at the scene and notices there are no skid marks from Brucas' car.