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WATCH: The View Co-Hosts Throw Down Over Kellyanne Conway's Marriage Woes

Even without being present, Kellyanne Conway is making headlines on The View. The Trump White House advisor's husband, attorney George Conway, slammed his wife's rude comments on Twitter. 

George Conway commented:

In a discussion moderated by Ronan FarrowMeghan McCain commented on Conway vs. Conway, per The Daily Beast:

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I think that they have a really sick relationship. The idea that me and my husband would be somehow feuding with each other over our work, I just think it's gross. I don't know why America has to be subjected to the marital problems. 

Abby Huntsman went out on a limb to defend Kellyanne, whom she claimed is being "bullied." Huntsman said:

The whole thing’s uncomfortable. I don’t like talking about it at this table, I don’t like reading it on Twitter. And I’m not the biggest fan of what’s going on right now in the White House, but Kellyanne has been getting bullied.

Watch the co-hosts discuss the Conways' latest digital shenanigans below.