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Perkie’s Observations: Nikolas Haunts Ava on General Hospital

GH 33

Bobbie calls Carly to the hospital. Chase explains what happened and that Lucas took the brunt of the accident. Lucas suffered a head injury and is in surgery. Julian is upset that Brad wasn't the victim.

Anna and Finn discuss Hayden and how Robert is searching for her. Finn is worried about what to tell Violet. Anna offers reassurances that she'll be there to help Finn. Anna summons Jax and he's surprised to hear that Hayden is gone. Jax denies knowing anything about Hayden's disappearance or that he was working with her on anything.

Nikolas pays a Shadybrook nurse to give Ava some hallucinogenic medication and then he "appears" to her. Nik says he's not really here, that he's in hell because of Ava, that he's trapped and will never know peace.

Ava is sorry she wronged him. Nikolas says he doesn't blame her for his death, but he does blame her for choosing her beauty over helping Spencer. Nik wants the whereabouts of the painting.

Ava talks about all her losses including Kiki. Nik says Kiki's with him in hell and is suffering, which upsets Ava even more. Nik asks again who she sold the painting to, but Ava says she has it at the gallery. Nikolas tells Ava not to tell anyone else about the painting.

Valentin admits to Nina that he's looking for the painting because it contains a codicil that would disinherit him. Valentin believes Ava's going to have a bidding war for it. Jax shows up, shoving Valentin to the wall. He asks what Valentin has done with Hayden. Valentin says he has nothing to do with Hayden leaving town.

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The surgical doctor updates the family that Lucas is in critical but stable condition. He says there was brain swelling and that Lucas is in a medically induced coma.

Willow and Chase are there when Brad wakes up. Willow heads out to find a doctor while Chase asks Brad what happened. Brad explains that the brakes didn't work even though the car was fine yesterday.

Bobbie and Carly sit and talk to a comatose Lucas. Bobbie heads out to see Brad, so Julian sits and talks to Lucas. He says he was only trying to get rid of Brad and now Lucas is being punished for Julian's sins. Julian asks for forgiveness, as Bobbie and Brad arrive and wonder what there is to forgive. Julian claims it has to do with missing out on so much of Lucas' life.

Sasha and Michael take care of Wylie while trying not to worry about Brucas. Willow shows up to hang out with Wylie.

Jax calls Nikolas and insists that they meet. Nik tries to blow him off, saying he has to get to the gallery. but Jax warns him he'll go to the police.

Valentin tells Nina that he thinks the portrait is at the gallery and is heading there.

Ava's still nattering about Nikolas helping Kiki when we see Nik's ring has fallen under her bed (sure, because he wouldn't notice that the giant Cassadine ring isn't on his finger anymore).