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Perkie's Observations: Valentin and Nikolas Face Off on General Hospital

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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, James Patrick Stuart

Jax meets with Nikolas and tells him Hayden left town to stay safe. Nikolas admits he's the one who scared Hayden away. Jax is not happy about this, but Nikolas says he overheard Valentin pressuring Hayden to turn on them. He says the painting is at the gallery. He plans on getting the painting so Hayden can come back. 

Martin helps Valentin break into the gallery to look for the painting.

Nina stops by to see Ava, who's raving about how Nikolas' ghost is haunting her. Ava claims she tried to make peace with Nikolas' ghost, but he keeps coming back. Nina tells her ghosts aren't real. When Nina tries to leave, Ava gets upset and Nina's purse falls to the ground. Nina finds the ring on the floor. Ava says Nikolas had a ring like it. Nina complains to the nurse about Ava's medications.

Sam's now bunking with Nelle (gotta say, had a hearty laugh at that). Nelle natters on about how she'll be out soon, but Sam claims no one wants her. Nelle bad mouths Carly. Sam counters that Michael is happy and in love with Sasha. 

Chase updates the family there were no skid marks on the road and thinks there was a problem with the brakes. He says forensics is going over the car. Sonny wonders why Lucas was driving Brad's car. Brad says they were fighting. 

Sasha asks Willow about the pregnancy test, but she says it was negative. Willow feels it's the right outcome for now. Chase pops by and updates Michael that they're looking into an issue with the brakes. 

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Julian's moping around, so Bobbie reassures him. She says he stepped up for Lucas and is worthy of his love. Bobbie says Lucas needs everyone's support to get through this. Sonny tells Julian he can go see Wiley at the house if he wants. 

Chase updates Sam about Lucas' condition (and yet, at no time does he mention that her mother almost died as well). Nelle worries about Wiley, but Chase says he wasn't in the car and is with Michael.

Bobbie tells Carly and Brad that so much is out of their hands, but she sees miracles in the hospital all the time. 

Julian heads over to the Corinthos' to visit with Wiley.

Sasha runs into Jax. He asks why she would help Valentin. Sasha tells him once again she acted alone, but Jax says she's naive.

Ava says Nikolas was looking for the painting. Nina says he's not a ghost and believes he's alive and tormenting Ava. Nina says they need to join forces and take down the Cassadine men. 

A masked Nikolas breaks into the gallery. Valentin pulls a gun on him and demands that he remove his mask. The two fight over the gun and Nikolas makes a run for it. Martin can't believe that someone else would break in the same night. Valentin says there was something familiar about the masked man.