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Perkie's Observations: Monica Mourns What's Left of Drew on General Hospital

Steve Burton, Leslie Charleson

Steve Burton, Leslie Charleson

Jason reminds Sonny that Sam's parole hearing is today. (Seriously? She's been in jail for 5 minutes!) Jason says he made a mistake with Shiloh, but he needs to take action. 

Chase wants to know what's been on in Willow's mind lately. Willow admits she thought she was pregnant, but isn't. Chase admits he feels relief and disappointment. Willow tells him she thinks she's ready to be a mom, but isn't sure if it's more about Wiley. Willow says if she's going to have a child it will have to be about the child and not to fill a void. Chase says he wants kids with her, but wants to enjoy their life now. 

Robert complains once again about Peter to Anna, but she says he can't be objective and needs to look on the positive side. Peter's talking to someone on the phone telling them he wants Franco's procedure stopped. He heads to the hospital to talk to Liz about the procedure. Liz says she pushed for this, but is now having second thoughts. Liz worries there is only a one in four chance that Franco will return to her. She says she has to find the courage to let Franco go if she needs to.

Brook Lynn confronts Monica about the missing Thanksgiving food. Monica admits she did it so they would have the traditional Quartermaine celebration for FrankenDrew. Olivia apologizes to Brook Lynn for accusing her. Brook Lynn claims it was her fault. 

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Monica tells Ned she doesn't trust Brook Lynn. Ned calls Lois for information on their daughter. Jason arrives to ask Ned about the three people on Sam's parole board. Ned says they're fair men. 

Lulu stops by Maxie's to complain about Brook Lynn. They get a call about Lucas and head to the hospital. Olivia tells Brook Lynn about Lucas and heads over as well.

Liz tells Finn she hasn't heard from Hayden, but he'll be the first to know if she does. She reassures Finn that he'll be a great dad.

Carly calls Griffin to consult on Lucas' case. (So happy to see Matt Cohen again. Wish he would stay.) Griffin goes over the test results and tells them that while Lucas is responding to painful stimuli, he's in serious condition. Griffin says Lucas is getting the best care possible.

Sonny asks Griffin to look at Mike's latest tests. Later, Griffin tells them that Mike's tests show significant deterioration and he won't recognize them much longer. Sonny wants to throw money at the problem. Griffin says there is a study group in Sweden. Sonny wants Mike to get into the program. 

Franco's finishing Oscar's treehouse. (Have the writers forgotten that it's winter in Port Charles?) Jason stops over to help him. Jason say he respects Franco's decision to do the procedure. After Franco leaves, Monica talks to Jason about how she'll miss Drew when he's gone. Franco gets to the hospital for the procedure.