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Brad Maule Discusses Tony Jones' Spectral Return to General Hospital

As Dr. Tony Jones, Brad Maule recently made a brief return from the dead to console his son, Lucas (Ryan Carnes), on General Hospital. Maule discussed how much it meant to him to return to Port Charles in a conversation with Soap Opera Digest.

He recalled:

It was weird, because here I am, back at the gates at the place that I loved and had spent 22 years of my life. I literally hadn’t been back in [nearly] 15 years. It felt the same, sort of; everybody was really friendly and really nice. Funny, my biggest trepidation was to go back into the makeup room because that’s a place where everybody knows each other and they’re relaxed and kind of gossiping and all that. I didn’t know if that would be uncomfortable or awkward to the dead person that’s walking in! And it was just great. Everybody was sweet and kind and fun and very welcoming.

He also reflected on his epic storylines, including B.J.'s death and when Tony listened to B.J.'s transplanted heart beat in Maxie (Kirsten Storms)'s chest. He remembered:

So those were rehearsals that we shot — and we shot them out of order, so B.J. was dead for my first scene and then she was alive and dying for the next scenes, so all your emotions were twisted all over the place. And when we shot where I leaned over to listen to her heart, my brother had had open-heart surgery and I was thinking, 'What if that was his heart, and I could hear him again?' So, I had something to go on as an actor from that. And just imagine, if your child’s gone and you could hear their heart beating, ticking away, what it would mean to you.

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