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Ambitions' Kendrick Cross Dishes on Titus' Love Life, Working with Jamey Giddens

Kendrick Cross

Mega-watt attorney Titus Hughes (Kendrick Cross) sizzles on OWN's Ambitions opposite ex-love interest Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens) and current wife Amara (Essence Atkins). Cross spilled all about Titus' complicated love life and working with Daytime Confidential's own Jamey Giddens, the show's creator, head writer, and co-executive producer.

In an interview with SoapHub, Cross compared Titus's bonds with Stephanie and Amara. Of his relationship with his wife, he said:

Their relationship is grounded in true love. They’re two people with similar backgrounds that have been through some of the same things in life. Other families [on the show] are looking for money, power, all these other things. Amara and Titus are looking for love within their relationship.

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In contrast, he said that any remaining feelings Titus had for Stephanie aredimming because he's seen her for the woman that she really is.

Cross also expressed how much he has enjoyed working with Jamey, saying:

I want to give a shoutout to Jamey. Rarely, do we have writers who interact with us. We had the whole writing team on set in Atlanta with us. We could ask questions and get a response right away. Jamey was there every day. I’d sit down with Jamey and asked him about Titus. He made up all these characters and he knows each character so intricately.

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