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Marcus Coloma Talks Nikolas' Turn to the Dark Side on General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma has taken to the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital like a duck to water. He's excited to be playing a darker version of the brooding prince, he told ABC Soaps in Depth.

He said:

There’s such a Shakespearean feel to GH, which I love. Hamlet’s fatal flaw was he didn’t act, and I think Nikolas’ fatal flaw was similar. He struggled with his conscience, and as a result, here was this very evil, corrupt man [in Valentin] who was basically threatening his entire world.

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But how much has Nikolas changed in his time away from Port Charles? Coloma teased:

That’s such a good question, and that will absolutely be revealed. I will tell you that Nikolas is definitely focused on payback… and as an actor, I’m looking for conflict!