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Matthew Atkinson Offers Up Keen Insights into Twisted Thomas' Mind on B&B

Matthew Atkinson

Playing Logan-loving Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the BeautifulMatthew Atkinson has taken a page from his on-screen father, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Currently wreaking havoc on every character's life with glee Thomas has turned into a sexy schemer - and he won't hesitate to use his son, Douglas (Henry Douglas Samiri).

In an interview with TV Insider's Michael Maloney, Atkinson provided great insight into Thomas's manipulative behavior, noting:

We saw that there was a thought process as to why Thomas is so obsessive. Yes, you can say that he’s still acting [obsessively when it comes to Hope] but that moment was important to Thomas because it showed how he was feeling. Yes, he will destroy pretty much anyone who gets in his way except anyone in his family. That’s the core of this character. His family will always keep him grounded. When it comes to his sister, his father, his mother or his son, he will never go past a certain barrier.

Of course, that doesn't really apply to the Logans! Thomas has had two near-death experiences lately, being pushed off a cliff by stepmom Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and then into a vat of "acid" by ex-wife Hope (Annika Noelle). 

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Atkinson joked that the "acid" was actually BeLieF, the wrinkle-free formula Brooke formulated for Forrester Creations in the '90s, which enabled her to gain 51% of the company. What a great nod to the past! What if Thomas somehow got involved with getting the BeLieF patent for himself? That'd be the ultimate revenge against Brooke.

Fans are hoping Thomas might further team up with sister Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), even though he "gave" her Hope's baby earlier this year. 

Who wouldn't love to see Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Ridge's two kids link up to take on the Spencers or Logans? Atkinson teased of their sibling bond:

She’s the closet relationship Thomas has ever had in his life. He’s got his father, his mother, and his son. He spent time with Caroline before she died, but he spent his entire childhood with Steffy. Even though she’s the younger sister, she’s become the older one at times, taking care of Thomas. They’re forever attached and it’s the closest relationship in his life. When it comes to manipulating, Steffy has arguably gone down that path. He knows he can’t get away with anything when he’s around her. There’s an interesting relationship there. I love Jacqui so much. Every time we get to work together, it’s a blast.

What would you like to see Thomas do next? Sound off in the comments!