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Perkie's Observations: Nina Wants Ava to Be Her Wonder Twin on General Hospital

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Nina Reeves, Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros, Maura West

Anna wonders why Peter is so upset after his phone call. Peter claims he's worried about moving in with Maxie. He says he doesn't have second thoughts, but doesn't want to mess things up. Anna reassures him. Later, Peter tries to call his goon to call off the hit, but the guy doesn't answer.

Liz sits with Franco while waiting for the procedure to get started. Liz says she'll always be grateful to him. Andre explains the procedure. Scott comes by to keep Liz company.

Cameron finds Trina at the gallery cleaning up after the robbery. Ava checks herself out of Shadybrook and heads to the gallery. Trina says nothing seems to be missing and Ava wonders why the person left empty handed. 

Valentin tells Nina about the break in at the gallery and the masked man. He knows it wasn't Jax, but thinks he was familiar. He tells Nina to get more information from Ava while he tries to find the man in the mask. 

Jax wants Nikolas to move out. He says he didn't sign up for Nikolas' nonsense. Nikolas admits he didn't find the codicil at the gallery. He explains Valentin got there first, but fought him off. Nikolas says he hung around the gallery, but the police showed up. Jax is angry with Nikolas and thinks Valentin will be even more motivated to find the painting. 

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Ava is surprised when Griffin shows up at the gallery. He tells her that he's here because of Lucas' accident, which Ava was unaware of. She says she'll pray for Lucas to make a full recovery. Griffin apologizes to Ava for how things ended between them. He says he carries Kiki with him all the time. Ava tells him about her nightmares of Kiki. 

Trina drags Cameron to the hospital to sit with Liz. Franco tells Cameron that he'll need to be the man of the house if the procedure doesn't work out.

Jax finds Nikolas frantically looking through his things. He says he lost his Cassadine ring.

Nina shows up at the gallery. Ava tells her about the break in. Nina says they both know who was responsible. She says ghosts don't wear rings, which mean Nikolas is alive. Nina wants them to join forces to take the Cassadine boys down.

Franco signs a Do Not Resuscitate form and Andre starts the procedure.

Peter's goon is close by.