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WATCH: Robin Givens Discusses "Naughty" Stephanie on Ambitions

Robin Givens

Ambitions vixen Robin Givens dropped by the KTLA Morning News today and discussed her diva-tastic alter ego, Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster. Givens opened up to Sam Rubin and the crew about what it's like to play the deliciously scheming minx on the OWN series, especially considering Stephanie's pedigree of being both a Carlisle and the Mayor Evan Lancaster's (Brian J. White) wife. According to Givens,

She's got a lot of weight but it's so much. She's so naught and she has her own set of rules and everyone needs a little Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster in them.

Could there be a bit of Stephanie lurking inside of Givens, Rubin wonders?

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Watch Givens' response below.

Back-to-back episodes of Ambitions air tonight at 9PM EST on OWN.