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Perkie's Observations: A Shot Rings Out In the OR on General Hospital


Ava says she has no interest in joining Nina because she doesn't trust her. Nina retorts that Valentin fabricated her daughter and has no interest in helping him. She says they have a lot in common. Ava wants to know what's so important about the painting.

Nina explains about the codicil, which gives everything to Spencer. Ava says she has leverage and wonders why should she cut Nina in. Nina shows her the ring and says Ava can't prove Nikolas is alive without it.

Ava removes a layer off of a painting to show Helena's painting underneath. Nina is impressed that the painting was in plain sight the entire time.

Valentin thinks he and Jax should pool their resources and go after the codicil together. Valentin wonders how Jax got involved with Spencer in the first place, but figures it was through Laura. Jax refuses to work with Valentin.

Anna and Griffin catch up with each other. She tells him about Finn and Violet. This triggers memories for Griffin of when he thought he was Charlotte's father. Anna also talks about Peter and his struggles with being Faison's son. 

Maxie runs into them and thanks Griffin for helping with Lucas' case. Griffin says he's leaving, but promises Anna that he'll stay in touch. Maxie tells Griffin that she and Peter found a connection and are together.

Laura arrives and makes small talk with Griffin. Jax shows up and is introduced to Griffin. Maxie and Laura explain Griffin's connection to Charlotte via Claudette. Her suicide is mentioned and Griffin says he never believed she would take her own life. Jax ruminates on that. 

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Nikolas remembers Ava grabbing her hand and realizes the ring must be at Shadybrook.

Liz, Cameron, and Scott continue to wait impatiently for the procedure to end. Liz says she has hope it will work.

Peter's trying to get to the goon he hired when he gets waylaid by Laura. Laura says she has a meeting about overcrowding at Pentonville. She adds there will be early releases. (Hhhmmmm let me guess, Sam and maybe Nelle if Chloe Lanier wants to come back full time? Please Chloe, come back full time!!) She wants Peter to cover it in The Invader, but he blows her off and leaves.

The goon steps into the operating room. He and Andre fight over the gun and Andre gets knocked out. Peter arrives, grabs the gun, removes the silencer, and shoots the goon. 

Anna arrives at the hospital for her appointment just as the gunshot goes off. Everyone panics. Anna pulls her gun and heads to the OR with Liz to see what happened. Scott stays with Cameron and tries to calm him down.

Andre recovers. The goon was shot by Peter. Peter tells them that he found the goon with a gun standing over Andre, fought for the gun, and shot the goon. 

Anna returns to let Cameron and Scott know that everything is fine, but someone tried to kill Andre again. She tells them Franco was unharmed.

Andre tells Liz the program is finished running, but they won't know the results until Franco wakes up. Liz begs Franco to come back to her.