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WATCH: The Real's Jeannie Mai Gets Candid About Her Past Drug Use

The Real's Jeannie Mai is living up to her show's name by keeping it real about her past usage of drugs. On Tuesday's episode of the show, the ladies discussed the late rapper Juice WRLD's death on Dec. 8 and allegations his seizure was caused due to drug abuse. Co-host Adrienne Haughton asked what made Mai do drugs when she was younger.

Mai stated,

I definitely experimented and I know at 40 looking back that I had a dark time in my life when I split for my family and moved out. [I] lived in San Francisco. Every drug you could imagine was there. And it replaced the joy that I didn't have. Being high was so much more fun because it felt like zero, I feel special, I feel like a rockstar, I feel loved. You say anything you want to say, you’re fearless.

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Interesting... Mai continued and said,

You say anything you want to say, you’re fearless … and then that crash — that crash is what made me realize that it was darker than the pain that I actually had in my life. And that led me to go,’ Oh, shoot, this ain’t for me.’ Because that pit — yo, it’s the dark place. It’s not a place you want to go.

Watch the segment below.