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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Seals the Deal With Nelle on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Chloe Lanier

Julian's worried for Lucas, but Alexis reassures him. Julian mentions how the brakes failed on the car and no one knows why. Alexis is certain that forensics will find out. Julian throws himself a pity party, but Alexis warns him not to isolate himself. 

Ned confronts Brook Lynn as to why she fired Lois and hired someone else as her manager. Brook Lynn shows her father her new contract. Ned gets angry when he sees she signed a five year contract without showing it to a lawyer. He compares her to AJ, which upsets Brook Lynn.

Sonny tells Carly that he's reached out to a doctor in Sweden who's working on a drug to repair Alzheimer's damage. He wants Mike on the drug, but Carly doesn't agree. Carly reminds him that Griffin said Mike's disease can't be stopped or reversed. Sonny says he won't stand by and watch his father die. 

Joss says she wants to pop by and see Mike since she didn't see him at Thanksgiving. Carly doesn't want her to since Mike at his worst which is usually at night. Sonny allows it.

Nelle meets with Martin and demands that he get her out RIGHT NOW! Martin says it will be months before her next parole hearing and things don't look promising. Nelle explains about Brucas' accident and how she wants to be there for Wiley.

Martin says it's not a good enough reason to release her. Nelle brings up a medical release. Martin says while she's on her transplant meds she has no medical reason. Nelle gets an idea.

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Willow is shocked when Harmony shows up at her door. Harmony explains she was released early due to the overcrowding. She says she'll be closely monitored and doesn't want to squander this second chance with Willow. 

Willow wonders why her mother kept the name Harmony since it was associated with Shiloh. Harmony says she did good things on her own. Willow brings up the car accident. Harmony says she wants to meet her grandson, but Willow is quick to shut that down.

Lulu and Olivia discuss Brook Lynn and Dante. Olivia mentions the letters that Dante returned. 

Chase is investigating the hospital shooting and runs into Lulu who's interested. Chase tells her what happened off the record, but doesn't divulge any names. Later, he tells Lulu that the gunman was an ex con.

Lulu runs into Alexis and asks about the car accident. Alexis tells her that Neil and Julian were first on the scene and Julian saved lives. 

Josslyn tells Michael she's worried about Carly and Sonny, who appear to be arguing a lot lately. Michael talks to Carly, who's worried about Sonny's reaction to Mike. Michael talks to Sonny, who says he wishes he had more time with Mike. 

Nelle heads over to Ryan and asks for his help in getting her released. He asks what's in it for him. Nelle says once she's out she'll be able to provide Ryan with photos of Ava. Ryan agrees.

Chase gets to the prison and finds out Ryan stabbed Nelle with a scalpel! (As one does when you're hanging out in a prison infirmary!)