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Perkie's Observations: Ned Slides Into Michael's ELQ Seat on General Hospital

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Ned Quartermaine, General Hospital

Wally Kurth, Chad Duell

Nelle is stabbed just above the right kidney and is taken to General Hospital to get checked out. 

Michael tells Sonny he doesn't think the clinical trial is a good idea for Mike. Sonny says he knows it won't cure the disease, but hopes the drugs can stop it from getting worse. Michael asks if this is the man Mike wants to be because he isn't himself anymore.

Sam tells Jason that the parole board will want her to take responsibility for her crimes. Jason tells her to stay focused and they'll get through this together. 

Willow sits with Brad and offers a shoulder for him. Brad blames himself, though Willow reassures him that it's not his fault. Willow goes to Julian and pleads with him to talk to Brad and absolve him of any responsibility.

Joss gets to Turning Wood and finds out Dev is already there. Mike thinks he's Sonny. The teens play games with Mike, allowing him to win. Sonny arrives. Mike then believes he's Joe Scully and screams at him. Joss reassures Mike. Dev claims Sonny is a friend, so Mike calms down and lets him join their game. 

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Jason talks to Ned about the parole board. Ned says he can't influence them because they're above board. Jason's not asking for a favor, but just wants Ned's help. Ned says to be patient and let things play out. 

Alexis stops in to see Sam, who says the whole thing is her fault since she took Shiloh's father's money. Alexis tries to reassure her, but Sam says her kids are suffering because of her. 

Monica updates the family that Lucas has been removed from the ventilator and is breathing on his own. She says the next 24 hours are crucial. Bobbie says the longer it takes, the less likely that Lucas will wake up.

Ned notices that Michael seems exhausted. Michael admits he's worried about Lucas and has been helping take care of Wiley. Ned offers to help out at ELQ and pick up the slack. Michael is concerned, but Ned reassures him that he'll hand the reigns over when Michael is ready. Michael accepts the offer.

Ned brings up Oscar's ELQ shares. They are currently in probate while the courts decide if they belong to Shiloh or the Kilimanjaro Fund. Ned says he wants to buy the shares for Olivia and Leo. Michael says if the courts favor Shiloh, then Wiley, as his dependent, would get the shares. Ned says Shiloh doesn't factor in anymore. Michael agrees to sleep on it. 

Nelle is brought into the hospital, which catches Carly by surprise. Chase explains what happened to Carly, then Brad. The doctor checks out Nelle, but reassures her that the stabbing did not damage the kidney. He tells Chase that he'll patch her up and she'll be able to go back to Pentonville. Nelle calls Martin to let him know that she's out.