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Perkie's Observations: Ava Plots Her Next Move on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Anna sits with Liz while a still unconscious Franco is taken for an MRI. Liz tells Anna that she is grateful to Peter for saving Franco's life. 

Ava drops in to spend time with Avery. CarSon are surprised at Ava's sudden sanity. Ava says she's seeing things clearly now and no longer sees ghosts. 

Jax tells Nina that Valentin came to him and was openly hostile. Nina says she hates Valentin's lies, but puts up with them to have Charlotte in her life. Jax asks about Claudette. Nina gives him the rundown, including how she supposedly took her own life.

Jax says Valentin murdered her, but Nina says Claudette's not dead. Valentin freed her from Cassandra and paid her to leave. Jax doesn't believe it, but Nina says Valentin isn't all bad. Jax say she and Charlotte are better off without him.

Laura and Curtis discuss the portrait. Curtis thinks he should approach Nina, but Laura feels she makes too many excuses for Valentin. Curtis is certain that Nina would ditch Valentin if she knew he was behind Sasha's lie. Curtis admits he has no proof, but can't let Nina marry Valentin again. 

Charlotte spots Nikolas hanging around and says she doesn't believe that he's her bodyguard. Charlotte says she fell at school and hurt herself, and Nikolas wasn't around to help her. Nikolas says he's supposed to stay out of sight.

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Jason talks to Anna about Peter and explains how he believes Peter is behind everything that happened with Sam. Anna asks for proof. Jason says he can connect Peter to Bryce and Shiloh. He says Peter didn't want the wrong memory to surface. 

Anna says she doesn't excuse Peter's role in keeping Jason kidnapped, but he's remade his life and is not the same person. She wonders what Jason wants her to do. 

Carly leaves a voicemail for Jax, which upsets Sonny. Sonny accuses Carly of lying. She admits she found something out she shouldn't have and doesn't want to involve him. Carly heads out to meet with Jax, which does not sit well with Sonny. 

Peter's hanging around the hospital trying to get information on Franco. Liz thanks him for saving Franco's life, but he says he did what he had to do.

Valentin tells Curtis that Nina misses him and needs his friendship. Charlotte tells Laura about her secret bodyguard and how he wasn't there when she fell at school. Laura worries about it. She tells Curtis she thinks Charlotte might have PTSD from her kidnapping. 

Carly meets with Jax on the pier. Carly says Sonny is onto them. Jax says he's cutting Nikolas loose. Nikolas shows up and Jax asks about the lost ring. Nikolas admits he haunted Ava and didn't have the ring when he left. Carly tells Nikolas that Ava knows he's alive.

Ava tells Trina she's hosting an auction and it will include Helena's portrait. She sends out a text invitation to all the players.