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WATCH: Is Anyone Safe in the Ambitions Season Finale?

Ambitions S1 Finale

The first season finale of the nighttime sudsy drama Ambitions is right around the corner and they are going out with a bang, literally!

In the upcoming episode, the First Lady of Atlanta, Stephanie (Robin Givens), has finally had enough of Evan's (Brian White) extracurricular bedroom activities with Bella (Erica Page) and is reintroducing him to her gun. Will this be the final straw for the Lancasters? 

Meanwhile, Stephanie's former bestie, Amara (Essence Atkins), deals with the fallout of hubby Titus (Kendrick Cross) being run over by a mysterious assailant. Was it a drunk driver or has Amara's ex-lover Damian (Alexander Mulzac) finally snapped?

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The fight for the Carlisle-Perkins law firm is in full swing, while Evan and Rondell (Brely Evans) go to war with their cousin Darcia (Mara Hall) for Thelma's Place. It's about to get hot up in Atlanta! Watch the promo below

The season finale of Ambitions airs Tuesday, December 17 at 10 pm EST on OWN.