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"Peloton Wife" Monica Ruiz Set to Spin Her Wheels on The Bold and the Beautiful

After going viral by starring in an ad for the Peloton exercise bike, plus a subsequent one for Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin, actress Monica Ruiz is cycling on over to The Bold and the Beautiful.

Per TMZ, the viral sensation was offered a guest spot on the soap, which she accepted. The role will pay $2,000 and she'll air in January 2020. The role will just be a ride-by: TMZ reported that "everything for her shoot is being done in one day ... including rehearsals."

B&B has a history of capitalizing on meme-worthy actors. Earlier this year, Kelleth Cuthbert - a.k.a. "Fiji Water Girl" from the Golden Globes - popped up as Forrester Creations' new model, Raine.

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