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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas' Plans Go Up In Flames on General Hospital

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General Hospital

The auction guests are shocked when the painting goes up in flames. Laura notices it was rigged to self destruct. Ava says she notified the artist's estate and figures they set it off. Jax says it makes the sale null and void.

Trina finds Nikolas hiding in the storage room. He claims he's an art collector who had a proxy out in the crowd. When Trina threatens to call the police, Nikolas runs out. Trina tells Ava about the intruder. 

Curtis accuses Ava of destroying the painting saying Valentin had the most to gain. Ava says she would never help Valentin. Curtis wonders who she did it for. Jax questions why Nina stopped him from bidding on the painting. He believes Nina knew what would happen. 

Dustin jumps into the water to get Charlotte while Lulu calls 911. Dustin drags her out of the water and Charlotte is taken to the hospital. 

Anna and Finn give Peter props for taking out the gunman. Peter claims he's no hero, but simply looking for a story. 

Franco wakes up as Franco, with no memory of anything that happened after the original procedure. He's surprised to find out how much time has gone by and wants to know what he's missed. Cameron says no one gave up on Franco. Liz tells him that Scotty went to bat for him as well. Franco thanks them for not giving up and asks to speak to Peter. Franco thanks Peter for saving his life. Peter asks for an exclusive for The Invader. Liz and Franco are happily reunited.

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At the hospital, Valentin is upset when Lulu explains that Charlotte jumped into the water. Rocco blames himself saying he didn't believe Charlotte's tales of a secret bodyguard.

Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte told her the same thing and figured it was an imaginary friend. Lulu and Valentin argue back and forth. Valentin accuses Lulu of not paying attention to Charlotte and causing the accident. He says he's going to file for full custody.

Jax meets with Nikolas and says there is no way to overturn the will now that the painting is gone. He says Nikolas should cut his losses. Nikolas says he will finish what he started and destroy Valentin. Nikolas says he and Jax are still allies, but Jax says only until New Year's Eve. 

Curtis finds Trina and asks if she recognized the intruder or if Ava is paying her to keep quiet. He wants to know who destroyed the painting, but Trina's not talking. 

Anna tells Finn about Jason's suspicions of Peter. She worries that Jason might be right. 

Charlotte tells Laura that she doesn't know why her bodyguard didn't save her. Laura says he's just pretend, but Charlotte says Lulu has a photo of him on her phone. Charlotte shows Laura a photo of Nikolas. 

Ava and her gun are ready when Nikolas returns to the gallery.