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WATCH: Jameela Jamil Credits Kelly Clarkson with Making Her "Stronger"

When The Good Place star  Jameela Jamil visited The Kelly Clarkson Show, she gave props to Kelly for making her "Stronger." The two women bonded over their respective battles with body image. 

Jamil recounted, per TooFab:

I remember you going through that, and then very shortly afterwards, I gained a lot of weight back in England. I was a radio DJ, by the way. You couldn't even see me! People just wanted to know I was thin over the airwaves. So I got nationally fat-shamed for like six months in my own country, and it was your response to yours that gave me the strength to get through mine.

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Clarkson shut down a body-shamer in 2017 in epic fashion. Recalling the exchange, Clarkson joked:

Did I use a word that I can't say on this show?

Jamil responded affirmatively and both enjoyed a good chuckle. Jamil's activism has been much-discussed online in recent years. Watch Kelly and Jameela share their stories below.