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Perkie's Observations: Ava Faces Her Tormenter on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

Nikolas questions whether the codicil burned along with the portrait, but Ava's more interested in finding out how he survived and where he's been. She's upset that Nikolas let everyone grieve his death and accuses him of lying. 

Nikolas explains that Valentin shot him and he fell into the water, but was pulled out and taken to Athens to recover. Ava asks why he didn't let anyone know, but he says he was still considered a fugitive for faking his death the first time.

Nikolas says Mikkos left Valentin everything, but changed his mind and wrote the codicil to disinherit him. Nikolas says it was hidden in the painting and asks if it burned up. Ava admits she has the codicil, but won't make things easy for him. 

Sonny tells Jason he's worried about Carly because she's hiding something about Jax. Sonny says he knows Jax is up to something and Carly is protecting him. Sonny mentions they are fighting about Mike's care. Jason asks what Mike wants and what Sonny would want if he were in the same situation. 

Jax explains to Carly what happened at the auction and now he doesn't know where the codicil is. Carly worries about what Sonny will do if he finds out what Jax has been up to and tells Jax to turn Nikolas over to the police. 

Nina confronts Liesl about her part in Sasha's lie. Liesl's not sure if Nina can handle the truth (!), but Nina wants to decide for herself. Liesl explains how Valentin took a DNA sample from Madeline's dead body.

Nina says Liesl has known the entire time that Sasha wasn't her daughter but didn't say anything. Liesl admits she needed leverage on Valentin and used this to blackmail him. Liesl says by then, Nina was happy. Liesl promises to make amends and gives Nina a lock of her mother's hair for her to test. (Not really sure what the point of that is.)

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Lulu and Laura question Kevin about Charlotte's motives for jumping in the water, believing that someone would rescue her. Laura asks Curtis to dig up dirt on Valentin that Lulu can use for the custody battle. 

Kevin says there's been constant upheaval in Charlotte's life and she manifested a pretend bodyguard as a cry for safety. Lulu decides she needs to talk to Valentin to discuss Charlotte's stability. Laura tells Kevin that Charlotte pointed to Nikolas' picture as her bodyguard. Kevin thinks Charlotte chose Nikolas because she sees him as a hero. 

Lucy's meeting with a potential investor for the relaunch of Deception. She ropes Sasha into talking the talk as the new face of Deception. The investor is happy with what she hears and agrees to back Lucy financially.
Lucy celebrates with Sasha and Michael. Sasha says she wants a stake in the company in exchange for being the face. Lucy and Michael quibble until it's agreed that Sasha will get 30%. 

Sonny seeks out Michael and asks for his opinion about treatment for Mike. Michael says he would have to decide about the quality of life and tells Sonny to discuss it with Carly. 

Lulu heads to Wyndemere to try and knock some sense into Valentin. She says Charlotte has been in turmoil and they need to work together. Valentin disagrees, blaming Lulu for not keeping Charlotte safe. Valentin threatens her again with family court, so Lulu claims she'll prove him unfit.

Jason comes across Carly and Jax arguing. After Jax leaves, Jason demands answers. Carly says Jax is doing something illegal that Sonny can have him deported for. She's worried that Sonny will lash out and create a mess (as the giant baby that Sonny is). 

Jason wants to know what it is so he can fix it, but Carly doesn't want to drag him into it. She says it's all supposed to be wrapped up by New Year's Eve. Sonny spots them talking and calls someone (Brick?). He tells them he needs their help because Carly is in trouble. 

Curtis meets with Jax to ask what the next step is. Jax says he needs to change tactics to go after Valentin. He mentions Claudette being the surrogate and he wants Curtis to find her.