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Perkie's Observations: Anna Finally Addresses Her Concerns About Peter on General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Franco is released from the hospital and Liz takes him home. Franco mentions how he expected Drew to come around and see him. Liz explains to him that Drew is presumed dead. Franco blames himself, but Liz reassures him. 

Franco says he's grateful for his life and Liz says she's relieved he's back. The two kiss, but Liz pulls back. She tells Franco what happened when he thought he was Drew and slept with Kim.

Michael invites Willow over to play with Wiley (apparently neither has a job). Willow mentions how comfortable Michael is around kids. He explains that he had custody of Avery at one time. 

Anna tells Finn she can't dismiss Jason's claims about Peter and is looking for the connection between him, Shiloh, Bryce, and the dead gunman. So far, she hasn't found anything. Finn says she has to choose who to believe. 

Martin pays Nelle a visit and isn't happy that she let Ryan stab her just to get out of prison. Nelle is certain she'll find a way to stay out. Jordan stops by to let Nelle know that she's going back to prison. Nelle plays the kidney card, but Jordan says it wasn't serious and the infirmary can take care of her. 

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Lucas' doctor tells Julian and Brad that Lucas has slipped into a coma and is not waking up. He says Lucas is being sent to a long term care facility. Brad is angry that the hospital wants the bed. 

Amy finds Brad, who is upset. She reassures him that Lucas will get better. Amy mentions that Nelle is in the hospital and Brad takes off. Amy calls Michael and suggests he bring Wiley to the hospital to cheer up Brad.

Maxie and Peter stop by Anna's with a box of Georgie's hand me downs for Violet. Maxie talks to Anna about how good things are since Peter moved in. Later, Anna's looking at Peter's file and notices he worked for the same company the gunman did, and at the same time. 

Brad finds Nelle and claims this mess is her fault. He says he should have known better than to align with her and should have done what was best for Wiley. 

Jordan tells Julian there was too much damage to the undercarriage of the car and forensics can't pinpoint the cause of the accident.

Martin runs into and introduces himself to Michael. Michael warns him that Nelle destroys everyone in her path.

Nelle runs into Willow and Wiley in the hallway. (Why is Nelle, a known criminal and flight risk, allowed to hang out in the hall in her wheelchair when minutes earlier she was handcuffed to the bed?)