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Perkie's Observations: Tracy's Eyes Spy a Big Surprise on General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Franco can't believe that he would have cheated on Liz with Kim. Liz says he had no control over his body and he thought he was Drew. Franco wants to confront Kim, but Liz says she and Julian broke up, and Kim's gone. Aiden and Cameron arrive and are reunited with Franco in time for Christmas. 

Nelle tells Willow that she lost her baby and plays on her sympathies. She asks if she can hold Wiley. Michael arrives in time to stop it and tells Willow who Nelle is. Willow can't believe she let Nelle play her emotions. Brad arrives and decides to take Wiley home. 

Anna tells Finn the connection between Peter and the gunman he killed. Finn says it's not a coincidence and questions whether she'll update Robert. Anna's not in a hurry, but Finn says Peter could hurt someone else.

Brook Lynn runs into Julian. She tells him she was Leo's babysitter for the first few months when Olivia was trying to hide him. She shows Julian videos and photos of the time he missed. 

Sonny's not happy to find Gladys at Turning Woods. She's getting ready to take Mike out for an outing at the track. Gladys says Mike was upset about Yvonne and needed a distraction. Marcus arrives and Mike accuses him of taking Yvonne away.

Marcus explains to Sonny that Yvonne has taken a turn for the worse and is no longer eating food. He had her taken to the hospital where she'll be given a feeding tube. Gladys warns him not to do it. Gladys explains to Sonny how her friend had Alzheimer's and was not allowed to die with dignity. Later, Gladys mentions that she has no plans for the holidays, so Mike forces Sonny to invite her to his home. 

Maxie and Peter discuss Franco and the gunman. Maxie goes on and on (yes writers I feel the anvils falling on my head) about how Jason won't let it rest until the bigger bad guy is found out. 

Violet questions FAnna about Hayden's whereabouts and whether she'll be home for Christmas. Finn says Hayden had an important reason for leaving. Anna says Violet needs to be brave and is certain Hayden will be back soon. Finn worries what he'll tell Violet when he has no idea if or when Hayden will be back. 

Finn returns to the Peter conversation, pointing out if one gunmen sent to kill Andre knew Peter, then it stands to reason the first attacker would have known Peter as well. Anna wants more time to figure things out. Finn says he's on her side, but she can't keep this to herself. 

Tracy (squeeeee!!!) arrives home for the holidays and is shocked (as I was) that the Quartermaine mansion has undergone some renovations. (Not sure how I felt about the new sets. Also, the staircase used to be to the right of the front door and now it's to the left. What's that about?)