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Perkie's Observations: Santa Grants Sam a Christmas Miracle on General Hospital

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Jason Morgan, Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

It's Christmas Eve in Port Charles . . .

Curtis is playing Santa in the park while Cameron does community service as Santa's helper. Jason brings the kids. Scout asks Santa to bring Sam home for Christmas. Jason tells Alexis he has an errand to run and asks her to bring the kids home for him.

Tracy's not happy with the new Quartermaine mansion renovations, but as Monica likes to remind her . . . it's her house. Brook Lynn believes her grandmother is back with an ulterior motive and warns Michael to watch his back. 

Ned's surprised to see his mother home for the holidays. Tracy asks Michael about ELQ. Brook Lynn comes to Michael's defense and says the company is doing great. Tracy says Brook Lynn won't get rich by singing and is just making sure the family legacy is there. 

Nelle is returned to Pentonville and her cellmate Sam. Nelle natters on about Sam being away from her kids at Christmas. Nelle claims she prevented Ryan from escaping, which is why he stabbed her, but it makes her a hero. Nelle thinks she may get pardoned and will help Jason with the kids, which is the last straw for Sam. Later, the guard comes to retrieve Sam.

Trina tells Joss that Dev is crushing on her, but Joss doesn't believe her. Cameron asks Dev about the people he left behind in Turkey, but Dev claims he's happy with the family and friends he has now. 

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Carly's not happy to hear that Sonny invited Gladys for Christmas, but changes her tune when she hears it was Mike's idea. At the house, Gladys hugs Dev and plays the happy grandma, but Joss is quick to remind her she isn't really related to Dev.

When Gladys excuses herself, Sonny and Carly warn Joss not to push too hard so Dev stays protected. Sonny finds Gladys on the phone telling someone how she misses them. She admits to him it's her son's cell phone. She kept it after his death so she can hear him on the voicemail message.

Alexis and the kids are surprised when Jason returns to the penthouse with Sam, who was released on parole. Jason calls Ned to thank him for helping out with the parole board. Tracy overhears Ned and says he shouldn't be doing favors for Jason. She warns that it will get Ned into trouble.

Ned pulls out his guitar and sings while Olivia, Ned, Brook Lynn, Tracy and Monica look on.

Sam and Jason celebrate their reunion with Scout and Danny.

The Corinthi clan wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

*Seems odd to say it two days after the fact, but Merry Christmas everyone!*