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Perkie's Observations: Sonny's Suspicions Grow on General Hospital

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Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Steve Burton

Sonny gets his man Gio to put a tracker on Carly's car and sends him out to snoop on her. Jason's not amused, but Sonny says Carly is keeping something from him. Jason thinks it will backfire and Carly will push back. 

Sonny says he's taking action and Jason wonders if it's because he can't do anything about Mike's situation. Jason swears Carly isn't working against Sonny. 

Carly meets with Jax on the pier to find out what's happening with Nikolas. Jax says he disappeared after the portrait caught on fire. He says Nikolas has changed because he's always angry and is determined to take down Valentin. Gio eavesdrops and hears Carly mention Sonny's suspicions and sees the two share a hug. 

Ava calls Nina to make sure things are still going as planned with her revenge marriage plans. Nina seems worried about collateral damage, namely Charlotte, but Ava warns her not to back out now. 

Laura wants to know why Ava burned the painting, but Ava denies doing it. Curtis thinks she's helping Valentin, which Ava also denies. Ava asks if they'll be attending the wedding, but Laura doesn't want to. Ava tries to convince them it will be worth their while.

Sam and Willow run into each other while visiting Lucas at Turning Woods. Julian sees Sam and is grateful she was released. (Though Sam continues to treat her father like dirt under her shoe. Girl, you just got out of prison for killing a man, dial down the bitchface.)

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Julian worries that Lucas may never wake up, but Sam is sure he'll fight his way back. Julian's not happy to hear Willow's story about running into Nelle with the baby. Sam reassures Willow that Nelle is great at playing the victim.

Brad heads out for some air and runs into Carly. She offers to have Wiley stay with them, but Brad is adamant that no one take the baby from him. Talk turns to Nelle and Brad blames her for this mess. Carly wonders how Nelle is responsible, but Julian shows up before Brad can explain. Gio eavesdrops while Julian and Brad talk about Nelle. Julian warns Brad to stay away from her. 

Nina tells Valentin that she's worried about Charlotte. Valentin is determined to go for full custody against Nina's wishes. She reminds him that Cassandra was his fault, and while Valentin admits he has no shortage of enemies, he's still determined to push Lulu out. 

Charlotte arrives and mentions her secret bodyguard. Valentin tells her he didn't hire anyone. Charlotte swears he's real and his picture is on Lulu's phone. Charlotte mentions how Grandma Laura saw and recognized the photo. Valentin decides to have it out with Laura.

Jax meets with Laura and Curtis. He tells Laura that he believes Claudette is alive and Valentin is keeping her hidden. He hires Curtis to find her. Jax wants information he can use against Valentin. Laura mentions that Ava is planning on crashing Nina's wedding and she's decided to go. Jax calls Nina to warn her that Ava will be at the wedding, but Nina's not concerned. 

Willow and Sam get a text invitation to a memorial for Shiloh. Harmony runs into them at that moment, but claims the text wasn't from her. She says it could be Daisy or one of the other former cult members.

Jason shows up. Harmony thanks him for helping her see the truth about Shiloh. Sam tells him about the memorial. Jason thinks someone is looking for revenge. 

Gio updates Sonny on Carly's meeting with Jax, and the talk between Julian and Brad. When Carly gets home, Sonny insists they need to talk.