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Ambitions' Mara Hall Talks Working with OWN and Her New Short Film

Mara Hall

Mara Hall took Ambitions by storm as Mayor Evan (Brian J. White) and Rondell Lancaster (Brely Evans)'s dastardly cousin Darcia. While she's battling her on-screen relatives for control of Thelma's Place, in real life, Hall is a busy writer/film maker/performer. She dished on working with the Ambitions team and bringing awareness to health issues to the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Hall first got hired while carrying her daughter, Marley. Hall said:

The OWN network, Lion’s Gate [sic] and Will Packer productions were very compassionate of me being a working mother, or soon to be working mother slash, actress, while I was pregnant. They were very, very supportive of me at the time.

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She added:

 They supported me the whole way through my delivering my daughter, they were an amazing team.

Though a certified music teacher in her own right, Hall has pivoted to producing a short film based on her own life. She dished about Juicy Ladies:

 Well, as I shared, it’s inspired by my life as a Type 2 Diabetic. It will air on Aspire TV in February 2020 and in collaboration with that I will also have a campaign to spread the good news on how to fight and live a healthy life with diabetes as an African-American woman and to promote positivity through the community through this short film

The illness has profoundly affected her family; Hall noted her brother tragically died of Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Keep an eye out in your local listings for Juicy Ladies next month.