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The Talk's Sheryl Underwood Discusses Daytime vs. Stand-Up, Voting Advocacy


The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood is a hit with daytime viewers, but that doesn't mean her stand-up success is slowing down. The comedian is on the road, taking her witty one-liners and clever stories to audiences all over the country. She discussed the differences between her daytime and comic personae with St. Louis Today.

Underwood noted that her audiences have changed since she joined The Talk. She said:

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I am concerned with them old white ladies who show up. Don’t they know what they paid to see? This is racial, sexual, political humor. It’s not how I am on ‘The Talk.’ They come and they wanna see me, and it’s not that I tone it down. It’s about the evolution of how (I) articulate certain points of view.

Also founder of Black Radio Solidarity: Driving Souls To The Polls, Underwood uses her various platforms to advocate for Black communities across the country. She added:

I may talk racial and sexual and use all the curse words, but I’ll also encourage you to vote. We’re using the public airwaves to defend and protect democracy. We gotta use the power of all of black radio.