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Florida Couple Booked on Battery Charges over Kelly Clarkson Show Argument

Who knew The Kelly Clarkson Show can make a couple get physical . . . and not in a good way? A Florida couple was arrested on Dec. 30 after the two got in an argument that turned violent all because of the singer's self-titled talk show.

According to The Smoking Gun, Clearwater couple Ronald Meyer, 55, and Linda Donahower, 61, were at their home on Monday afternoon where the two got into a heated argument about the American Idol winner's popular talk show. Police claim Donahower punched Meyer in the shoulder to make keep him quiet while she was watching the show. This allegedly prompted Meyer to jump on Donahower and hit her in the face.

The two were then taken into custody for "mutual battery" since they were both intoxicated and had inconsistent statements. Both parties were released on their own recognizance on New Year's Eve and were ordered by the judge to not have any contact with each other.