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Perkie's Observations: Ava Is Lured To the Dreaded Parapet on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West, James Patrick Stuart

Guests arrive at Wyndemere for Valentin and Nina's wedding. Liesl asks for Ava's invitation, but Jax steps in and says she's his guest. Jax then warns Ava that Nina is a friend and to behave. 

Charlotte talks to Laura again about the disappearing bodyguard. She mentions seeing the Cassadine ring on the man. Laura has Lulu send her the photo from her phone and points out that Nikolas' ring isn't visible in the photo. Later, Laura tells Curtis and doesn't understand how it's possible. 

Carly explains to Sonny that Nikolas is alive and working with Jax to take down Valentin. Sonny says this makes Jax an accomplice and could put him in legal trouble. (Sort of like what you did with Dev, Mr. Hypocrite.) Carly says if Sonny does anything about Jax it will rip their family apart. Sonny's upset that she didn't trust him with this when it happened, but she trusts Jax. 

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Michael runs into Sam and Jason, and shows them he also received an invitation to Shiloh's memorial. He's concerned it has to do with Wiley.

Nina runs into Sasha, who sees the DNA results. Sasha knows this means Nina is aware of Valentin's involvement and wonders how long Nina has known. Nina says she's known from the beginning and the DNA results confirm it. Sasha wonders why Nina is going through with the wedding if she knows the truth about Valentin.

Sam's parole officer pays her a home visit. She asks about Jason. Later, when Jason gets home, Sam tells him they can't see each other anymore.

Sasha tells Michael about her run-in with Nina and that she's worried about Nina being hurt. 

Valentin tells Martin about the codicil and is certain Ava has it. Martin convinces Ava to join him on the parapet, then leaves her alone with Valentin. Valentin wants the codicil and asks what Ava wants in return. Ava says she's not giving it to him. Valentin pushes her off the parapet into the water below.