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Petition for Meghan McCain to Get Booted From The View Gains Momentum

meghan mccain

Will Meghan McCain no longer have a View? That's what some fans of the long-running ABC talk show are hoping. A petition on has surfaced. with over 4,000 signatures from fans, as of early Friday morning, wanting the conservative talk show host to leave The View, according to

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According to the petitioner, McCain, daughter of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, claims that,

Meghan has brought to the show, doesn’t need much persuasion,” states the petition. “Let’s get her OFF our favorite morning show and back to Faux (Fox) News, where she can safely keep discussing Obama possibly faking tears with onions after little children were murdered at school.

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The petition is calling on ABC to give McCain the boot and have her replaced with Friday panelist and GOP commentator Ana Navarro, who worked as an aide to McCain's father and Jeb Bush. Alternatively, they're calling for the return of ex-co-host and Fox & Friends' Jedediah Bila. who worked at the chat fest from 2016-2017. Supporters of the petition have called McCain "disrespectful," "unpleasant," "rude," and having "no substance." 

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McCain joined the show in 2017 and has had some memorable dustups with almost every co-host on the panel, minus her BFF Abby Huntsman, daughter of John Huntsman, the former governor of Utah and ex-U.S. Ambassador to Russia, China, and Singapore.

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The last argument McCain had with her colleagues was last month, when moderator Whoopi Goldberg told her to "stop talking" after she continuously interrupted Sunny Hostin during the Hot Topics segment.