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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Upends Valentin's Wedding on General Hospital

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Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma

Jax tells Nina that she's playing a dangerous game and Charlotte will get caught in the middle. He tells her she'll end up hurt unless she cuts her losses and leaves Valentin before the ceremony. 

Lulu shows up for the wedding, and complains to Laura about Valentin and how he spoils Charlotte. Laura says Lulu has to accept the way Valentin raises her, otherwise Charlotte will come to resent her mother.

Ned and Brook Lynn have Diane look over the contract she signed to find a way out of it. Diane chastises Brook Lynn for not consulting a lawyer. She says the contract is tightly written and there's no wriggle room. Diane suggests she buy the man out. After she leaves, Ned tells Brook Lynn he won't be buy him out. Brook Lynn says the manager hit on her after the contract was signed, but again, Ned says they need to stand firm. 

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Sam explains to Jason how the parole officer told her she'd have to stay away from him as a condition of her parole. Jason calls Diane to consult. Diane points out that Jason is a felon and Sam has to stay away from him or go back to prison. Diane says Sonny's kids have paid for his choices, and Sam should be smarter and not risk losing her kids. Sam boo hoo hoos, but Diane warns them not to even try to see each other in hiding. Diane suggests they have Spinelli look into the parole officer and try to get assigned to someone else. Jason agrees that everything has to be on the up and up for their kids' sake. Sam and Jason say goodbye to one another. 

Michael and Sasha meet up with Chase and Willow to celebrate the new year together. Everyone hopes for a better 2020. 

The wedding ceremony begins with Nina walking herself down the aisle. Valentin speaks his vows of undying love for her and Charlotte. Nina speaks of happiness and has Valentin swear he has no more secrets.

Just then, the door is kicked open and a wet Nikolas storms in. He's carrying an equally wet Ava, who is passed out. (I thought we were still a day behind and there wouldn't be a cliffhanger until Monday, so I squeed so loudly when this happened.) Excellent soapy Friday cliffhanger.