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WATCH: Judge Judy Bangs Her Gavel for Wannabe Prez Michael Bloomberg on 'The View'

Judge Judy

Judge Judith Sheindlin helms her own successful program, Judge Judy. She headed over to another daytime staple, The View, to officially endorse a presidential hopeful. She chose former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democratic candidate, and explained her reasoning to the panel.

Just hours before the episode aired, Bloomberg dropped a campaign ad called "Judge Him," featuring Shendlin. The judge told People, "There isn’t anybody that could compare to Mike Bloomberg," which she stressed in the ad below.

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Sheindlin later told The View's panel:

Well, first, I've never seen America so angry with each other as a family. And it became sort of frightening when you couldn't go to a social gathering and have a difference of opinion and lose a friend, an acquaintance, a family member...disinvited. If you view America as the greatest family on the planet, I felt as if it was time for America, which is the greatest country in the world, to have the president in the world. For a while.

After looking at the field of 2020 candidates, she said, that 

...there was no other voice for me other than a voice of someone who has experience in governance. second only to the President of the United States, because New York City has the most diverse stipulation of anyplace else in the United States of America, except the United States of America.

Watch Judge Judy rule in favor of Bloomberg below.