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Perkie's Observations: Laura Takes Out The Hickory Switch on General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Genie Francis

Marcus Coloma, Genie Francis

Laura and Lulu are quick to hug Nikolas once they realize it is really him and he is really alive. Maxie and Peter take Charlotte to her room to let the adults talk. Lulu accuses Valentin of holding Nikolas captive for three years, but he denies it. Ava declares to everyone in the room that Valentin threw her off the parapet. Nikolas admits he found her. Valentin claims Ava was drunk and slipped off by herself. 

Nikolas explains he has the codicil and it shows that Valentin is disinherited. He claims the estate belongs to him. Valentin is certain the codicil is fake and won't hold up in court. Nikolas explains Valentin was never Mikkos' son, but was Helena's, which doesn't make him a Cassadine. (Well that's a punch to the face that I didn't see coming!)

Laura and Lulu drag Nikolas away for a private conversation. He explains what happened to him  He survived the gunshot, but he knew he had to be strong enough to fight Valentin. Nikolas hopes his mother will understand, but Laura hauls off and smacks him in the face. 

Laura says Spencer was grieving for three years while Nikolas was off plotting his revenge. Laura tells him that when Valentin threatened Spencer, she was forced to send him away to boarding school in Europe for his protection. Laura claims that Spencer felt a duty to avenge his father's death. 

Valentin realizes that Nina didn't seem surprised to see Nikolas alive and well. He realizes that this wedding was set up to hurt him. Nina admits she knew all along that Valentin was behind the Sasha lie. She says she knows Valentin took the swab from her dead mother so the DNA test would show a mother/daughter match.

Valentin swears he loves her, but that he can't love her like he wants to. He also swears he never manipulated her. (Uhmm, really?). He also points out that Liesl and Jax both have. Valentin storms out and Ava demands that Jordan arrest him. 

Martin steps in to defend Valentin and tells Jordan to do her due diligence. Curtis tells Jordan not to fall for the lawyer's garbage. Jordan says she'll bring Valentin in for questioning.

In less interesting events, (seriously, why would you shoe horn the teens into this episode that had so much greatness going on?) Joss and Dev exchange New Year's Eve gifts, which is a Turkish tradition. Joss goes in for a kiss, but Dev pushes her back. He claims it's not to disrespect the family.

Cameron and Trina wait for the other two to show up. Trina tells Cameron she thinks Dev has a thing for Joss. Cameron is not happy to hear this. When the two show up, Joss tells Trina about the kiss that Dev wasn't into (He's pulled back from both Trina and now Joss. Me thinks young Dev might be more interested in someone other than girls!)

Peter and Maxie put Charlotte to bed and promise all will be alright in the morning. While Charlotte sleeps, Maxie tells Peter she now believes Nina set up this wedding to blow things up with Valentin. Valentin shows up and tries to take Charlotte, but Maxie stops him. 

Laura questions why Nikolas didn't reach out to her and realizes he was the man in the mask on Halloween. Laura also figures out Nikolas is the reason why Ava checked herself into Shadybrook.

Nikolas swears he did everything for Spencer and had to take Valentin down. He is certain he can repair the damage and everyone will eventually understand. Laura starts in on him again, but Lulu stops them saying they're all just grateful to have Nikolas home.

Ava arrives and tells them that she and Nikolas are getting married tonight.