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WATCH: Jan Gets the Drop on Shawn on Last Blast Reunion

Brandon Beemer and Heather Lindell

Brandon Beemer and Heather Lindell

Will Jan (Heather Lindell) get her clutches back into Shawn (Brandon Beemer)? On this week's installment of Last Blast Reunion, Jan shows up in town and it seems as though she's finally gotten Shawn all to herself after all these years. 

As Days of Our Lives viewers may recall, Ms. Spears became obsessed with Shawn and held him captive in her parents' country a cage!  Is Part Two about to commence? It seems Shawn and Jan are the only ones standing in the aftermath of everyone else being picked off like armadillos. 

Watch this little teaser of what's to come below!

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Last Blast Reunion's next episode drops on Thursday on the DOOLApp!