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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Nikolas Marry Under Protest on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, Nikolas cassadine, General Hospital

Maura West, Marcus Coloma

Ava announces that she and Nikolas are getting married right away. Lulu believes Ava is blackmailing him. Kevin thinks Ava isn't in her right state of mind and reminds her that Nikolas manipulated her. Kevin questions why Ava would marry someone who treats her that way.

Ava claims to be perfectly sane and claims they have feelings for each other. She says she's forgiven Nikolas. Laura figures Ava found the codicil and is holding it over Nikolas' head. Nikolas believes they are a good match and asks for their blessing. Lulu refuses to give it and storms out. 

Jordan tells Nina that she has an arrest warrant for Valentin on charges of fraud, tampering with a corpse, and Ava's attempted murder. Nina doesn't look happy, though Curtis points out that she wanted Valentin to pay. Jordan wants Nina's statement, but Nina is desperate to get off the island. Jax heads out with her. 

Peter warns Valentin that he isn't taking Charlotte. Valentin asks Maxie to take Charlotte out of the room so he can speak to Peter. When she does, Valentin knocks down Peter before heading out with Charlotte. Charlotte grabs Nina's bouquet as Valentin convinces her to leave the grounds via the catacombs. 

Lulu shows up and realizes that Valentin has taken Charlotte. Lulu tells Jordan that Valentin has kidnapped Charlotte and they've gone out through the tunnels. 

Jax and Nina share a coffee while she complains how she should have broke things off weeks ago rather than letting it go this long. Nina asks about Nikolas. Jax explains their history, but he doesn't believe Nikolas to be the "good" Cassadine anymore. Jax tells Nina to leave the Cassadines to their own misery. 

Laura tries again to get through to Ava. Laura's upset that Nikolas is acting like a Cassadine, selfish and manipulative. She doesn't think they should go into a marriage like that. Ava again says they are a good match. Laura says she's not giving her blessing.

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Kevin confronts Nikolas, who's upset at Laura's pain. He brings up Spencer, who spent the last three years grieving for his father. Kevin tells Nikolas to call Spencer. Laura arrives as Nikolas is unable to reach Spencer. She says she'll tell him herself. Nikolas asks Laura to stay for the wedding, but Laura says it's a mistake they'll both regret and she can't be a part of it. 

Carly gets a call from Jax. He gives her all the details. Sonny learns that it's all over and everyone knows the truth about Nikolas. Sonny wonders what comes next for them. Gladys shows up to make small talk.

Sonny's minion drops by to tell him that one of his trucks was hijacked. Sonny's not worried since it was only a coffee shipment. Gladys is curious, but Carly shuts her down. She reminds Gladys that she's a guest in their home and not to take advantage. (Why are the Corinthi being such biatches to Gladys?)

Anna and Finn run into Mac and Felicia. Mac questions Anna about the guy who tried to kill Andre and Franco. Anna claims she hasn't found any information on who hired the gunman. Later, Finn is not happy with Anna for not telling Mac about Peter's possible connection. 

Valentin and Charlotte run into Anna. Anna is confused as to why the wedding didn't happen and why Charlotte is out and about after midnight. Valentin claims there is tension at Wyndemere and he just wants to get Charlotte away from it. 

Lulu, Jordan, and police officers arrive on scene. Valentin says he's leaving with Charlotte. Anna manages to convince him not to involve Charlotte. She tells him to let Charlotte go with Lulu before things escalate.

Jax and Nina arrive and watch as Valentin promises Charlotte that things will be resolved. Charlotte leaves with Lulu. Jordan places Valentin under arrest despite his protests.

Ava and Nikolas are pronounced husband and wife.