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Perkie's Observations: Princess Ava Tells Her Prince How She's Gonna Rule on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Ava wakes up on her first day of marital bliss to find Nikolas standing over her with her gun. He wants the codicil. Ava says she needs it for leverage since there was no prenup agreement. She promises he won't find its hiding place.

Liesl is getting ready to move out of Wyndemere, but Ava wants her to stay as a buffer with Nikolas. Liesl and Nikolas talk. She's mad at him for how he treated Britt years ago. Nikolas claims he lost his way.

Valentin complains to Robert that he was unlawfully arrested and wants his case dismissed. Valentin is still upset that Nikolas wasn't arrested for his list of crimes. Martin stops by and gives him an update on Charlotte and Nina. 

Martin has a copy of the codicil, but says Nikolas will have to produce the real one for court. He says Nikolas will want Valentin to take a DNA test, which he refuses.

Lulu complains about Valentin and how he traumatized Charlotte. Both Maxie and Laura point out that Valentin has parental rights. Lulu says she wants to take Valentin to court for full custody. 

Laura asks Nina how long she's known about Nikolas and Nina explains about how she found the ring. Maxie says everyone was grieving so she wonders why Laura was kept in the dark. Maxie and Nina are shocked when Laura mentions that Nikolas married Ava.

Laura tells Lulu that Nikolas is also Charlotte's secret bodyguard. Lulu is angry with Nikolas for not thinking of the consequences. When Lulu asks about Spencer, Laura tells her she will tell him in person. 

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Lulu mentions again about taking Valentin to court, but Maxie thinks she should wait until things settle down. Laura wants Lulu to put Charlotte's interest first.

Carly has Jason and Sam meet at the Corinthi compound. Alexis shows up with papers for Sonny and is not amused to see JaSam together. She reminds everyone that Sam can't hang out with felons, which Jason and Sonny are.

Carly snarks about her family, then realizes that Alexis doesn't know about Nikolas yet. Sam and Alexis are shocked to hear that Nikolas has been alive this whole time. After Alexis leaves, Sam is concerned that Carly brought her and Jason together.

Sam doesn't want to jeopardize her parole and go back to prison. Carly says they need to figure out a way to make this separation go away. She thinks they need to find leverage on the parole officer. Jason has an idea and the two head over to talk to Robert. 

Sonny takes Gladys out for coffee. She's thankful he allowed her to visit for the holidays and wants to stay longer. Sonny buys Gladys a car and tells her it's time for her to go home. Gladys is concerned about Mike, so Sonny says she can visit him as much as she wants. Gladys gives Sonny an article about medical trials. Later, Sonny mentions to Carly about getting Mike into the trial. 

Alexis shows up at Wyndemere and reunites with Nikolas. Nikolas tells her he had to stay away until he could take down Valentin. Alexis mentions Spencer, but Nikolas swears he did all this for his son. 

Ava walks in and tells Alexis about the wedding and Alexis is shocked. Ava says she and Nikolas shared a connection all those years ago and now they're reunited. 

Nina meets with Liesl and is upset about Charlotte and Valentin. She wonders if she made the right choice. Liesl says she needs to accept her decision and move on. 

Nikolas tells Ava he doesn't want Liesl to stay. Ava tells Nikolas if he wants the codicil he'll play by her rules. Ava wants Nikolas to sign a post nuptial agreement so she's not left with nothing.