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Days of Our Lives' Victoria Konefal Talks Turning Salem into #Cin City

Victoria Konefal

For several years, Victoria Konefal has been firing on all cylinders in her starring role as Ciara Alice Brady on Days of Our Lives. Her firey pairing with Robert Scott Wilson's Ben has turned Salem, USA, into Cin City! Now, as Ciara attempts to exonerate an incarcerated Ben, Konefal sits down with Michael Maloney at TV Insider to chat all things #Cin.

Dating a former serial killer (on screen) has led to a new level of understanding for Ciara, Konefal admitted:

That was most difficult to do when Ben and Ciara first started getting romantically involved. Now, I think Ciara has come to terms with [his past]. She doesn’t dwell on it. As far as she’s concerned, he’s a completely reformed man. Initially, though, it was difficult to make that choice of forgiving a serial killer and then falling in love with him – difficult tasks! I found [it helpful] for Ciara to cling to the humanity in Ben. Every time I had doubts about where Ciara was headed, I thought back to the scenes in the cabin where he took such good care of her. That’s what Ciara hangs onto if there are ever doubts about Ben relapsing.

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Has she ever met her on-screen (well, now off-screen) dad, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell)? Konefal admitted she hadn't, but would love to, saying:

Maybe he can come to the Daytime Emmys or something? I have watched clips of Peter and Kristian. I researched the show when I got the role. Bo’s such an iconic character. It was important for me to understand Ciara’s roots and see where her parents had come from so that she could take on some of their traits and attributes from both of them.

Who'd be down to see Bo reunite with his beloved Fancy Face, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), and their serial killer-dating baby girl? Plus, Shawn-Douglas (Brandon Beemer) appears to be getting into some trouble in Last Blast Reunion...what would Dad think?