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Perkie's Observations: Jason Bargains With Robert on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton, Carolyn Hennesy, Tristan Rogers

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton, Carolyn Hennesy, Tristan Rogers

Sonny is certain this new trial in Manhattan will help Mike since they've already gotten great results. He wants to get him into the next group despite Carly's concerns.

Robert wants to hear JaSam's proposal, reminding them Sam being released early is a gift. Jason says Sam isn't a danger to society and she shouldn't have to pay for his actions. Robert says she always will since Jason lives outside the law. 

Diane only wants a more accommodating parole officer, but Robert says he doesn't do favors for the mob. Jason says he can give him Peter in exchange, which interests Robert. Jason explains the connection between Peter and Shiloh, and how he believes Peter was behind the gunman. Robert wants him to bring evidence and he'll take care of the parole officer. 

Ava updates Julian on her marriage to Nikolas and how she plans on taking him for all he has. Julian talks about Lucas and how everyone has moved on. Ava reassures him that Lucas will pull through. 

Anna is worried that she's turning a blind eye to Peter and what he may be responsible for. She tells Finn that Sam is paying the price. Finn asks how long she's willing to let things go and not to become an accomplice to Peter. 

Michael shows up at the hospital with Wiley because Brad has been erratic in managing his daycare schedule. Brad says he's been dealing with a lot, but things will be better. Michael offers to pay for a nanny and Brad eventually agrees. 

Jax is surprised but happy to see Nina back at work. Maxie confronts Nina, asking why she didn't tell her about her plan against Valentin. Nina admits she didn't know what she would end up doing until it happened. Maxie says she just wants Nina to be happy. 

Peter stops by to see Anna. She shows him the information on the gunman. Peter notices they both worked at EuroTech at the same time. Peter thinks someone working on Faison's memory mapping is behind the gunman. Anna says she noticed the connection, but doesn't plan on telling anyone. Peter wants to keep his past as Henrik behind him. 

Finn talks to Jax about Hayden leaving town. Jax says Hayden was working with him and Nikolas, but Nikolas scared her away. He promises to do everything he can to bring Hayden home. 

Carly tells Michael about Sonny's plan to put Mike in the new trial. Carly believes there is no hope, but she can't tell Sonny that. 

Sonny runs into Ava and is surprised when she tells him she married Nikolas. Sonny doesn't understand why she married someone who took advantage of her emotional state. 

Ava says she can either continue to be a victim or get up. She says she didn't marry Nikolas out of love, but for power. She says Nikolas' fortune will be hers.