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WATCH: Wendy Williams Gives Her Two Cents on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle "Stepping Back"

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Wendy Williams

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Wendy Williams

In the past, Wendy Williams hasn't shied away from addressing Meghan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex). Last fall, the host claimed Meghan knew what she was getting into by marrying Prince Harry, adding that "nobody feels sorry for you."

After the Sussexes' recent announcement that they are stepping back as senior royals, Wendy tackled the topic on her show. As recorded by The Mirror, Wendy opined that they didn't need to involve the Queen in their decision. She noted:

These are these peoples' new lives. The Queen is about to cross over at some particular point.

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She suggested that Harry had all along wanted to split from the Royal Family, but "held out for the perfect person." She then turned to Kate Middleton, Meghan's sister-in-law, whose birthday coincided with the announcement. Williams quipped:

Kate wanted to be royal...oh, by the way, happy birthday Kate, nobody cares.

Watch Wendy dish on the latest royal headlines below.