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Perkie's Observations: Liz Comes Face to Face With Nikolas on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Marcus Coloma

Rebecca Herbst, Marcus Coloma

Sonny tells Julian that he was overheard talking about the Corinthi and warns him to stay away from his family. Julian's confused since he thought there was peace between them. Sonny brings up Brad and Julian says he's in over his head. Sonny thinks Julian is taking advantage of Lucas' absence to horn in on Wiley. Sonny gives a second warning. 

Liz is shocked when Nikolas finds her at the hospital. He explains everything, including his wedding to Ava. Nikolas admits it's not about love. Liz gets upset when Nikolas says he's been in Port Charles since September. 

Jordan brings Jason in to discuss the hijacked coffee truck. She says it was found abandoned and torched. Jason claims he has no knowledge of who took the truck or why. Jordan says she deserves to know if a turf war is brewing, but Jason remains tight-lipped.

Curtis tells Jordan he checked into her friend's death and found out it was because of an opioid overdose. Jordan is shocked and wants to look into it further.

Lucy has an offer for Nina and Maxie to partner with Deception. Nina seems interested until she's reminded that Sasha is the face of Deception. Nina says she'll pass. Lucy heads out, but calls Sasha to get over there. Sasha shows up at Crimson and tells Nina not to let their personal history mess up a good deal. Maxie takes over negotiations until Nina finally steps in and agrees to consider it. 

Michael tells Sasha he can't find a decent nanny for Wiley. He thinks he should pull back at ELQ and help Brad take care of Wiley himself. Brad complains to Willow that Lucas' family doubts his abilities to take care of Wiley. Michael shows up and tells Brad his plan to help out. Brad turns him down, but Michael keeps insisting. 

Julian walks up and overhears Brad asking Willow for help. Willow agrees. Julian drags Brad away to question his sanity. Brad says it would be worse if Michael was around Wiley all the time. 

Michael's concerned about Willow spending so much time around Wiley, only to have to give him up again. Willow is certain she can walk away when the time comes. 

Jason tells Sonny about the torched truck and wonders who's coming after them. Sonny says they'll find out who it was and negotiate with them. If they won't cooperate, then Sonny will retaliate.