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Abby Huntsman is Out at The View

Abby Huntsman

Abby Huntsman is exiting stage left at The View. Huntsman is stepping down after two seasons of being on the long-running hit ABC talk show.

According to People, Huntsman, a former Fox & Friends host, is leaving the show to help head up her father, former Ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman's, campaign to be governor of Utah.

In a statement Huntsman said,

Family has always been my number one priority, and is where I need to be focused at this time. We are incredibly close and are there to support and help each other when it matters. It’s not often there is a political campaign that involves someone you love and believe in, but this is one of them.

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Huntsman, who joined the show September 2018, is expected on Monday's show to make the announcement. She went on and further stated,

To the Best Team in TV, ABC has been my family for a long time and I am so thankful to have had a seat at the table on an iconic show like The View. After much deliberation over the holidays, I have decided to leave the show to dedicate myself full-time in support of my dad and his campaign for Governor of Utah.

Huntsman will serve as senior advisor ato her father's campaign and will commute from New York City to Utah. 

Executive producers Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Candi Carter and Brian Teta released a statement saying,

Abby brought a unique, intelligent, insightful and relatable voice to our table. While we are sad she has made the decision to leave, with Abby, family always comes first and we admire her commitment as she moves on to this next exciting chapter with her father’s campaign for governor and to spend more time with her young family.