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Victoria Konefal Discusses Feminism on Days of Our Lives on Bust's Poptarts Podcast

Victoria Konefal

Days of Our Lives' PR team is doing a darn good job promoting its young stars.What better way to appeal to a millennial audience than by sending out its young stars to show why soaps are still relevant? 

Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady) chatted about acting in a the modern-day soap opera with Bust's Poptarts podcast. Writing for Slate, host Emily Rems discussed how Konefal manages how to be a feminist in a show that "has been on the air, five days a week, since 1965." 

Rems branded Konefal "the show’s hottest young star" and praised her character's current plot with Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), in which she rescues him. Rems asked Konefal: about how her feminism has affected her work and vice-versa.

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Konefal responded with a compelling story. She noted:

Basically I was [given a line to say in which I was] talking about how I was dieting. ‘I need to look good so I need to go on this crazy diet’ is literally what my line said. That’s what they wrote for me.

Konefal explicitly asked the writing team to re-work the dialogue, noting:

In that way, I’ve definitely made a point to never let Ciara fall victim to anti-feminist views,. There have been a couple of other scenarios as well where I’ve had to change a couple of lines. Sometimes, I get what the writers are trying to accomplish, but the way that idea is phrased is just not OK with me. That’s when I need someone to back me up — and they typically do.

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